About Us

Impact Mental Health Services LLC. is an innovative community based mental health agency committed to providing the most effective support services to members of the Tidewater area.  We have assembled a team of committed professionals to create highly ethical, and clinically sound programs.  Utilization of a team approach to service provision is the primary model of Impact Mental Health Services.
Collectively, our group of administrative professionals have completed the world renown “Group Leadership Intensive” training with Dr. Rod Napier, Structural Family Therapy training with Daniel Munuchin of the Minuchin Center and son of Salvadore Minuchin, known as the Father of Structural Family Therapy. Salvadore Minuchin , as well as Structural Family Therapy training with Dr. Harry Aponte, a Fellow of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, and a Board Certified Diplomat in Clinical Social Work.  This group of dedicated professionals have come together to develop treatment programs that address a wide array of issues, to include: Substance Abuse, Independent Living, Parenting Skills, Pro-social skills, and Anger Management.  All services are provided in the context of the entire family as a unit. 

Our counselors and case managers are skilled professionals as well. All are qualified mental health professionals who hold degrees in the Human Services field.  On-going training is a required and integral part of employment with Impact.  We strive to provide all our clients with services that will eliminate the need for out of home placement and help to ensure a successful, independent, and productive life in the community.  We are dedicated to ensuring that all of the services provided by Impact Mental Health Services are Clinically Progressive, Person-Centered, and Researched Based.
Please look at the   Our Services page for detailed information on each of our programs.